Photos and memories from July!

July has gotten away from me and I haven’t posted any pictures from this month.  So this post will be some of my favorite photos and memories from this month.  We have made many new friends and connected with others who came down last year to work for the porch.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the month of July.Amber and sisters

Technically this first one is from June but Angela and Andrea (Amber’s sisters) came down on a mission trip along with Angela’s husband Moe and his youth group.  It was a ton of fun getting to show them our life and ministry down here.  concrete mixing
Glen was one of the adults that came down with Moe’s church, Providence Christian Church.  I really enjoyed getting to know him.  He has a great heart and an adventurous spirit.more concrete

Brenanan, one of the youth in Moe’s group, worked super hard all week. Here he mixes concrete for a community center we are building in Chauxic.Seth
It’s always fun when people come back and serve with us!  We met Seth last year and it was fun getting to hang out with him again this year.  He came with a group from Gainesville, Florida.Rambo

One of his team members Ralph or Rambo as he became known throughout the week put us all to shame with his hard work.  I love this shot of him.Nancy and bubblesWe finally got to meet Nancy DiGisi aka. Flower Nancy this summer!  We enjoyed meeting her and her son!  Dirty Feet teamOne of the teams that came down recently was The Dirty Feet missions team.  They are a missions organization based out of Florida.  They worked extremely hard and were a huge encouragement to me personally.Me and VicI know I’m not supposed to have favorites but one of my favorite people so far this summer to work with was Vic Robinson.  Getting to hang out with him for a week really encouraged me.  He is the Pastor at Vantage Church in Tallahasee, Florida.  If your looking for a church there I definitely would encourage you to check out that shotOne of the cool things the dirty feet team did while they were here was set up a photo booth for an elderly day care center in San Jose Chacaya.funny eyesYou could see the joy that just a little attention and fun brought to these beautiful folks.funny facebig smileLonnie putting on braceletThis photo of Lonnie is probably one of my favorites I have taken all summer.  If you know Lonnie this a  beautiful expression of the change and growth that he is experiencing in his life.  I love how Lonnie is bending down to serve this woman by adorning her with a bracelet.dancingjust sitting

And sometimes showing love to others is just simply sitting with someone and letting them put their hand on your leg.  Vic does not speak a word of her language but no words were needed.Abra's toothAn exciting event in our house was Abra losing her first tooth!  She was so excited!  Another first for Abra was having her friend Ava for a sleep over.  Ava is Lloyd and Melanie’s niece who was visiting for a month with her mom.  Abra was so excited to have a sleep over.  She and Ava had fun playing dress up and putting on makeup.

sleepover and makeupOf course Ezra didn’t want to be left out of the cool face painting activities so this is his alien face instead of getting makeup done:)Ezra and makeupThis is a repeat if you follow me on Facebook but Salem is growing and starting to make all sorts of expressions.  He is really smiley and loves to make noises already
happy Salem

Another group came down last week from Georgia and took pictures of the kids at a Bible School they put on.  Over 300 kids showed up and they ran out of film.  But it was a fun idea.  Their cameras printed out photos for each child.Rachel taking photostaking photoslittle kid with photoThis week finds us doing more construction in Semeja.  We are working with a group from North Carolina.  Here is part of the group tying rebar for the house.twisting wireDianeKyle in holeKyle stands at the bottom of the septic tank hole we dug for Elizabeth’s house.  These holes take a lot of work and are about 10 feet deep.  Oscar below has been helping us work on his families house this month.  I am inspired by him everyday.  He doesn’t allow having no hands deter him from anything.  He shovels, lifts concrete blocks and loves life despite his circumstances  And it makes me think what do I have to complain about.Oscar carrying blockOscar shoveling dirtWe are coming back to the States in August and would love to see you or talk with you about our work in Guatemala.  Please email me at if you are interested in us speaking at your church, small group or just a one on one hang out.  

We are full time volunteers with Porch de Salomon and raise our own support to live and work down here.  If you believe in what we are doing please consider donating to help us do what we do and be part of what God is doing in Guatemala.


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