In the thick of it!

Sometimes there are so many things going on here it’s hard to share it all with you.  As we are in the thick of our 10 straight weeks of teams we are working away on houses, making new friends, and experiencing all the unique culture of Guatemala all at the same time.  I wish all of you could experience it with us.  I suppose this blog is my attempt for you to experience it to some degree through pictures and inspire you to come down sometime!team with LiandraTwo teams from Tallahassee, Florida were down the past 2 weeks.  IMG_6463

They both helped us with Liandra and Rosario’s houses. We had fun getting to know both groups and they really worked hard carrying mud, materials, mixing concrete, and tying rebar for the families.Chip IMG_5088 Maggie and Denis tying rebarOne day last week we worked to tie rebar on Lloyd and Melanie’s house so they could pour concrete for the second floor.  They will have a really nice view from their second floor.mike and bert IMG_5151 view from house Lloyd and MelanieLloyd and Melanie are the directors of Porch de Salomon and our good friends.  We are inspired by them and their hearts to serve the people of Panajachel. It is great to be able to serve alongside such a generous and loving couple.  We have already learned a lot from them about being real and genuine followers of Christ.  After 9 years of serving in Guatemala they have decided to build a house with money out of their own pockets (meaning not funded by the ministry money).  Liandra

This is Liandra a single mother of 5 kids.  We have been building her a house in Solola.  What a blessing to see a smile on her face as we work on her new home.IMG_5131 wolverine

Rosalio is one of our construction helpers.  The Porch built his family a house 2 years ago and he learned to do construction during the process.  He is now the bread winner for his family since his father is an alcoholic.  IMG_5125 B LazaroLazaro is one of our construction foreman.  He is quiet and steady.  Daniel Lopez (below) always has a smile on his face.  I love this guy!  

DanielSundays find our family helping out with our afternoon worship gathering.  Amber teaches our kids at the annex down the street.  Here she is leading a pack of kids up the street with Baby Salem strapped on the front.

I get to play with Mario and Lisandro on Sundays for the worship gathering and then I play at Solomon’s porch on Tuesday nights with them as well.  This week Phil from Tallahassee played drums with us!  He did a great job jumping right in without practice.  
IMG_6465Phil also wasn’t bad at pouring concrete.  We poured the floor for Liandra’s house this Thursday.    We had lots of help including Asa (the Monroe’s son) and Holly (Asa’s girlfriend), Kyle a local high Schooler, Kaitlyn from North Carolina State, and several others I didn’t get pictures of.Phil pouring concrete

Kyle Asa with concrete Asa's girlKaitlyn is interning with us this summer through a program with North Carolina State University.victoriaRyanBillGuatemala JoeOne of the team members found  puppy on their way to the job site.  I took him home and got him cleaned up and then gave him to a man working on a sink at our house.  We thought about keeping her but Amber and I thought it was probably too much right now with the new baby and a puppy.puppylmtl53

It has been a great two weeks of work and God continues to be faithful to provide for our family to be a part of it through generous folks like you!  Thank you for allowing us to be an extension of your hands and feet in Guatemala.


If you believe in the work we are doing in Guatemala please consider supporting us and the work here.




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