This week we fled the USA and headed back to our home in Guatemala.  We had a wonderful time back in States getting to visit our friends and family!  We would like to say thank you to everyone that helped us get back this fall.  Olive Branch church of God and one of our really close friends (not sure he wants to be named) helped us pay for our plane tickets.  Here were some moments we got to have right before we left back for Guatemala.pumpkin cuttingCarving pumpkins with Abra and Ezra is one of my favorite fall traditions.  I love the fall!

Moe and Ang

We got to spend time with Aunt Angela and Uncle Moe, or should I say king Moe?family photo

Got a family photo in before we went our separate ways.  Not sure when we will all be together again.Ezra cooking with Grandma

Ezra and Abra cooked rice crispy treats with Grandma Mary for my birthday bash on Oct. 27th.reading with Grandma MaryThey also got some book time in with Grandmakids with AllisonEzra with Uncle Brian

The kids had a play date with cousin Allison!  They had so much fun jumping on the trampoline and playing with the kitties!Abra with AndreaWe said goodbye to Aunt Andrea as she departed for Zambia.  Miss her already a ton. But thankful for the time we got to spend with her this fallhiking in the woodsWe took a hike in Grammy and Pups woods the day she left.McCormicks creekOur last weekend in Indiana we spoke at Ellettsville Christian Church near Bloomington, IN.  Their congregation was a big encouragement to us and we took a hike at McCormick’s creek before leaving the area.Notre Dame locker room

The day we left for Chicago to fly out two of my best friends Jack Podgorny and Andy Howard surprised us with a tour of Notre Dame stadium.  It so much fun and I got to cross that moment off my bucket list.  Love these guys a ton!  Notre Dame StadiumHere is a picture of us on the field of Notre Dame stadium.Abra and Salem at airportThe kids did great traveling and were a big help getting through the airport.dusting for fleas

When we got back to our house in Guatemala.  It was infested with fleas!!  We’ve spent the first week spraying, vacuuming, cleaning, and trying to get rid of our unwanted house guests.  The white dust is Borax that we put down trying to get rid of them.  Lucky for us we had some help before we got back.  Thank you Monroe’s, Mirna, and all the porch staff for doing your best to help us.me with vacuum

We are still vacuuming everyday and trying to keep them from coming back.  This will be at least a month long process.stuffWe finally did move back into our house after livin’ it up at the Hotel California for a week.  This is our luggage along with all the clothes, bedding, curtains, and other cloth items we had to get washed at the laundromat.  Not a big fan of fleas:(

abra at balletThings are starting to get back to normal now and Abra is back at her Ballet class she started before we left.  She is so cute!  We also have our good friends Bill and Joni Hafner with us for 3 weeks.  Bill is a chiropractor and has been working on patients all this week.  Its been fun to watch him give these hard working people some relief from back, neck, and headaches.  Bill at Funda bien Bill adjusting

Joni and the kids got to watch Linda as she showed them how she does her traditional mayan weavingswatching the weavingIt’s good to be back despite the fleas.  We are looking forward to all the adventures we will have in the coming weeks!  We will keep you posted!

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