I became a barber!

Working with Porch de Salomon is already proving to be a life changing experience for us.  Each day we are discovering more about this organization and what we do for the surrounding community of Panajachel.  The other day I had the honor to visit a man named Pedro.  He is an old man who lives up on one of the mountains.DSCF0337

Porch de Salomon’s Humanitarian aid director Noe Perez said he found Pedro half dead lying in his own Feces.  He is deaf and almost blind.  Our task when we arrived was to clean him and his place up. I was given the task of barber!

DSCF0343DSCF0340I never thought I was going to need hair cutting skills down here.  But in this moment I felt like I was truly doing the work of Jesus.  This was a man left for dead by his family.  He was literally rotting away in his bed.  After getting some food in his belly.  We were able to stand him up and give him a haircut and a good shower.

DSCF0339Here is his bed.  It was soaked in urine and so was the floor.  Flies were everywhere in his home and on him.  We had to burn everything and get him new clothes and a new bed.  IMG_9330 DSCF0347 DSCF0348

We put up some fly traps as well to catch some of the flies.

IMG_9336This was our make-shift shower.  After getting him cleaned up the flies started to go away.

IMG_9344 IMG_9345Pedro looked like a new man afterwards!  Luckily we gave him a hat to cover up my hair cutting skills:).

PS.  We are still in need of some monthly supporters in order to continue our work down here.  If you believe in what we are doing please consider pledging your support.  You can make a tax deductible donation here: http://porchdesalomon.org/contribution.cfm

Or mail checks to:

Porch de Salomon
P.O. Box 10509
Tallahassee, FL 32302-2509


11 thoughts on “I became a barber!

  1. On my gosh Will…that’s really sad. If his family left him, are they returning or is he on his own? Maybe Pam Smith will have to give you some hair cutting lessons! Hugs!

    1. Deb,

      I’m not sure what his family is doing. We have been told that his son shows up to sell moonshine from his father’s place every now and then. The word is when he does he beats his father. So it doesn’t sound like his family is good for him to be around anyways. Porch de Salomon is currently paying one of his neighbors to make meals for him and help him keep his place clean.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Luis while I was cutting his hair. Cutting hair and Guatemala are two things I will always connect with Uncle David

  2. Wow, such a neat story. I bet he felt so loved by the haircut and all the cleaning up at his home. Thanks for sharing, God bless the Deeds’ and the Porch.

  3. That is awesome! Now I know who to call for my next haircut appt. Lol. You are being the hands and feet of Jesus. Keep bringing God’s kingdom to here on earth. Love ya!

  4. Maybe we can get Pam down there for haircutting classes. I am sure she would be shocked at the living conditions. I think the Zambia trip was not as eye opening as what you are experiencing. I was WBCL yesterday for their fundraising maybe we can connect through them to help you with your funds any ideas let me know.

  5. Ok Will – I will not report you to the In Cosmetology Licensing agency this time – you wouldn’y even let me cut your hair while you were here-you just gave me funny looks when Bob talked to you about it. Bob is wanting to know if you are receiving your funds from us yet? We were just talking about you folks this a.m. and thinking about our trip to Guatamela sometime this year. I can see I do have a gift to share there. I simply can imagine the love and warmth and God’s presence as you folks helped Pedro. Tell Amber and the kiddos hi for me. Just Pam

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