Feet spreading the good news

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation” ~ Isaiah 52:7

This week God made this verse come to life for me. But I came away with an expanded view of what I thought it meant. I’ve always pictured the feet of missionaries walking so that they could talk to people about the love of Christ. I do think this is a piece of this verse but today and yesterday I got to see a different set of feet carrying good news to a village in Guatemala called Chuaxic.

IMG_9435These are the feet that carried the good news all over a mountain down here in Guatemala. A team is here this week from Florida. They decided to bring shoes to the family we have been building the house for. Pretty soon the good news was spreading. And the team ended up fitting and buying shoes for about 200 people on the mountain! The children of Chuaxic, Guatemala ended up being the feet that spread the good news.

IMG_9450 IMG_9449This is how we fitted them for their shoes! The ladies on the team did a lot of foot tracings.



IMG_9431 IMG_9426Here is what many of their shoes looked like before. Many don’t even have shoes. They just go barefoot.

IMG_9448 IMG_9456 IMG_9455 IMG_9454These are some of the beautiful children that received new shoes this week and spread the good news! How beautiful are the feet of those who spread good news on the mountain!


3 thoughts on “Feet spreading the good news

  1. Will you are blessed everyday by the blessings that God sons down 3 other people in 3 you what a wonderful outreach you’re doing to the Guatemalans

  2. We take so much for granted daily! Actually we have come to expect it. What an awesome mission of love. We love and miss you all. Pam

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