Holy Ground

Today was a really cool day for us!  We got to participate in a new house dedication!  It was a great reminder why we left everything to come down here.  There were many moments today where I thought, “It’s all worth it to participate in this moment.”

Family in front of house

This is Francisco and Santos and their family. This family lives in a crumbling adobe room (16’ x 19’) which belongs to Francisco’s mother. All eleven family members share two board beds or sleep on feed sacks on the dirt floor. They cook outside on an open fire.

They have no pila (multi-purpose concrete sink) but do have an outhouse. They have two simple wooden tables and a few chairs. The house was too dark to get a decent picture inside of.  Fransisco works as a farmer and makes $6.25 a day and they spend this on food for the family.

boy with hat
Gloria and brother

These are some of Fransisco and Santos’s beautiful children.

Abra and Gloria holding hands abra and gloria walking away kids holding hands in circle

It didn’t take long and Abra was making friends with all of them.  This is one of the most beautiful and profound moments God has allowed me to participate in.  Seeing Abra walking around holding hands with Gloria one of girls in the family will always be a lasting memory for me.

family with shovels whole group with shovelsIt was so cool to be a part of this family breaking ground on a new home!  We were definitely standing on Holy Ground today.

scholarship girlThe Porch also decided to sponsor their oldest daughter Marta so that she can attend school. It was awesome to be a part of this today.  God’s presence was felt in many ways.


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