Summer team Season comes in with a Storm!

Our summer season of teams came in with a storm!  tropical depressionThey Called it a tropical depression but the team with us from Maryville, Tennessee was not depressed.  In fact they brought joy with them despite having one of the rainiest and muddiest weeks I’ve seen.wet plantThe first couple of days we had to get creative with our schedule since it was so rainy.  Thankfully we found a couple good projects around town.  My group worked with our friends Bob and Jackie who are care takers at the Assembly of God bible academy in town.  They have been coming to our Solomon’s Porch worship gathering on Sundays.

The team worked on tearing out an old ceiling and painting.tearing down ceilingPainting

 Matt decided 30Quetzals was worth getting wet for and took the plunge into the recently made puddle.

I had a dentist appointment in Solola so I had to ride the chicken bus up and back.  On the way back down the mountain traffic was stopped due to this water fall.  It was pretty intense.  I ran past it hoping that a rock wasn’t going to fly out and crush me.  Than got a ride on the back of a motorcycle the rest of the way down.Rosario's familyThe rest of the week found us working on Rosario’s house.  She is a single mom with 3 kids.  Due to some problems with her back she has not been able to work.  They are living with an uncle right now.  So far it has been the muddiest job site ever!dentist Billsmile carrying blocks carrying blocks Jasmine carrying blocks more block carrying bridge blockWe started out by carrying 600 concrete blocks back the path to Rosario’s house.JulianThen came the fun digging in the sloppy mud!

pick axe smilepassing buckets of mudmuddy shovler Mattrain and mudplaying in the mudaaron king of the mountain

We took a break on Wednesday to attend the house dedication of Carlos and Zoila in Chipop!  What an awesome day!  I loved getting to see this family receive a new place to call home.  Carlos and Zoila's finished homeThis is the completed house.  It’s the smallest house that we have built since I started working for the porch but we have hopes of building a second level on this one.Carlos and Zoila

Carlos and Zoila are in their early 20’s and already have 3 kids.  Having 3 kids of my own I can’t imagine what it would be like raising 3 kids in their living conditions.  We ate a meal of tamales with the family to celebrate their new home.dedication meal eating tamales Rooster eatingwhole group with Carlos and Zoilashowing off mudSome of the team showing off their muddy feet.

Zoila's daughterAfter that we went back to the worksite for the rest of the week and dug in the mud!smilebucket uphill passing bucketsOverall this team was a huge blessing with their attitudes and their hard work on behalf of Rosario’s with family


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