Our Little Guatemalteco

I’ve been wanting to do a post to update you all on how our newest little one is doing and how things are going for us as a family. This post will be dedicated to that.family photo in front of lakeWe have been adjusting to life as a family of 5.  Salem is so sweet and cuddly and we are loving getting to know him.  The first month of his life is already past.  He is doing well even though he has a lot of gas after he eats which can make him a bit grumpy.Amber and Julie at LakeHis grammy Julie got to spend the first month of his life with him.  She was such a huge help to us.  It was hard to say goodbye to her when she left at the end of May.  One day before she left we hiked a trail at the Nature Reserve down to the lake.  Juile with lopez girlsOf course the Lopez family came over and said goodbye to Grammy Julie before she left.passport day

One of our first adventures with Salem was going to get his Guatemalan citizenship taken care of.  One cool thing about having Salem in Guatemala is that he will be a dual citizen.  He will be a Guatemalan and citizen of the United States.  It was quite the adventure driving to downtown Guatemala City getting lost and finally waiting in a ridiculous line to get his passport but it was worth it.

passport lineThis was the line outside the Guatemalan passport office.  We are actually half way through the line outside at this point.  Just another hour wait outside and another inside and we got it!Salem with passportAs you can see Salem is pretty pumped about being a Guatemalteco.  This coming week we have an appointment to get his United States passport.Birma with Salem

He’s been making his way around town quite a bit now and frequenting Solomon’s porch.  This is Birma one of the cooks at Solomon’s porch cafe.Ezra in new swingEzra and Abra have been enjoying our new swing we hung in the upstairs of our house.  Lloyd and Melanie gave us the swing as a baby gift when Salem was born.  The kids have kind of stretched it to it’s limits, meaning, I need to fix it already:).abra cutieSweet little Abra is always cooking us delicious treats in her restaurant.  Here she is with her serving plate full of cookies.  She’s also been holding Salem a lot in the morning while mommy cooks breakfast.big sisterSalemThank you to everyone who has been helping us out with extra funds lately to help cover the extra expense of Salem.  We continue to thank God for all your prayers and financial support.  We have such amazing friends, family, and supporters!  We love you all!

If you are interested in partnering with us financially to impact the people of Guatemala you can donate here:


Please be sure to designate to Will and Amber Deeds with your donation!  Thanks!




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