Back in Guatemala

As some of you know I recently came back to Guatemala while Amber and the kids stayed back in the States.  It was a tuff decision for us.  We all wanted to come back because we were missing our friends in Guatemala and needed to get back because Lloyd and Melanie (Porch Directors) were back in the States and wanted us to be in Guatemala to cover some of the ministry responsibilities. However, Amber’s sister Angela is getting married in October.  So it meant lots of traveling and plane ticket expenses if we all flew back and forth.  After prayer and discussion we decided I would go it alone for about a month and half in Guatemala while Amber and the kids stayed back and helped with wedding plans.

Leaving my wife and kiddos was no easy task and I cried on my way to the airport.  I still miss them terribly but we have been skyping together so that helps.  Thanks God for technology.

saying goodbyeIMG_3780amber and I skyping

I’ve been keeping myself busy with the ministry down here and working on updating the website for which will be live very soon.Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.41.55 PM

I’ll let you know when it is live so you can take a look.  It’s good to be back in Panajachel.  Although I love the scenery of Indiana its hard to match the beauty of Lake Atitlan.

the lake

Each Sunday I have been giving the message and leading worship at our Sunday worship gathering at the Porch.  I’m excited because a good friend of mine Lisandro has been playing with us regularly now.


13gt947me preaching13gt949

building a wall  I also have been helping with general projects we have going on.  I helped Joe one day put up a better wall in our offices.  I also recently threw a birthday party at our house for our friend Dennis.  I invited his family to come over and have tamales and cake!

the whole gang

It was fun to have them all over and celebrate!

kiddos with tamales

The kids sat on the floor and ate their tamales.  They were all so cute.


open tamale

The tamales are pretty good they have a rice mush in them with olives and dates and are wrapped in banana leaves.  This is a very special meal for the Guatemalans.  They told me they always have them at Christmas time.

Elena with tamaleHamika?juana with cake

Elena, Dennis’s wife suggested we have tamales and she made chicken and rice to go with it. She also made a drink called Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus punch).

Linda Elena's mom and dadDenis with kids

It was a fun evening and it made me realize how much I have been given and my need to bless others with the resources I have.  So I was inspired to bake cookies.  I know weird right, but I had fun and I got to give to people in my neighborhood.

made cookiesgiven cookies

Thanks for reading.  Also If you can please donate to keep us on the mission field.  We are really struggling to keep afloat right now with our finances.  Right now we have been short about $1000 each month of what we need to operate on.

Thanks for helping us to serve the people of Guatemala.


3 thoughts on “Back in Guatemala

  1. Enjoyed the blog, Will. They’re always informative and entertaining. Wanted to possibly correct you on the content of tamales. Normally in Guatemala, they’re made of ground rice instead of a corn mush, although possibly they were done differently in this case. Just thought you might like to know. See you around….

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