Back in the States for a bit

We have been back in the States for the past month!  It has been fun reconnecting with everyone.  The initial reason we came back was for a close friends wedding in Kansas.  I got to be the Pastor for the wedding which was a great honor.  Josh was one of the teenagers God brought into my life out in Kansas when I was a youth pastor/pastor.  You can kind of see my head in this shot:)Heidi and Josh

We took the opportunity while out in Kansas to visit and stay with several other people we love dearly.  Jacob and Amy Williamson are close friends. Jacob lived with us in Indiana for awhile and I got to preform their wedding awhile back in Puerto Rico.jac and amyJared and TiffanyJared and Tiffany let us crash at their place in Great Bend, KS where we used to live.  They are long time friends and actually moved to Indiana to help us out for awhile.

Tonya Bielby

In Wichita we stopped and saw Jess and Tonya Bielby and their family.  Abra loved playing with their girls.

Deeds Aytes reunionIn Topeka, Kansas we stayed with our great friends Chris and Renelle Aytes.  It had been 3 years since we last saw them and their son Joshua.  It’s always inspiring to be around them and we enjoyed taking in one of their Rock and Roll shows in Kansas City.Chris Aytes and good ambitionAbra and josh

Josh and Abra hit it off well with each other and had fun playing in his back yard on a sunny Kansas afternoon

Joni HafnerOn our way back home we stopped and stayed with Bill and Joni Hafner.  They have always been so great to us and our kids.  We went to church with them and Joni made us breakfast before we headed back home to Indiana.jack and deb podgorney

When we got back from Kansas we spent a couple weeks in Huntertown, IN with our friends from HUMC and beyond.  Jack and Deb Podgorny let us spend some time at their lake house and it was great catching up with them.  From there it was on to the Sloffer house and Vacation bible school for the week.  We also took in a house show at the Sloffers from our good friend Aaron Lee Martin.Nick and Jill slofferAaron Lee MartinAbra at vbs programAbra loves Vacation Bible School and we were actually the Missionaries for the week.  It was fun sharing with the kids about Guatemala.  They collected over $600 during their “Change Guatemala” project.  Thanks Huntertown VBS!luke and Abra's wedding

We also stayed with Chad and Shanna Squires during VBS week.  During which I’m told Luke and Abra got married in the bounce house.  Not sure it was legal:)grammy reading to kids family photo

Now we are back staying with family for a few weeks and visiting churches in the area.  Here is our upcoming church schedule in you are in the area please come see us share what has been happening down in Guatemala.

  • Sunday July 21 @ 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.  Huntertown United Methodist church
  • Sunday July 28 @ 10:00 a.m. One Tree Crossing Church in Perrysburg, IN
  • Sunday August 4 @ Pleasant Hill United Methodist
  • Sunday August 11 @ Olive Branch Church of God

Thanks so much to all of you who have sat down with us for a visit, let us eat a meal with you, or given us support while we are home. We didn’t have enough pics or time to list you all here.  We still have time if you want to get together send us a note.


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