Teeming with teams!

Working with Porch de Salomon provides us with plenty of stories to tell.  We never have an issue with not having information to share with you about what God is doing.  The hard part is trying to choose which stories and information to share and what to not to.  The past 3 weeks have provided us with lots of material to share with you all.  Through construction, multiple medical clinics, and even an audiology clinic we have seen God do some amazing things.

It started with a team from Kansas!  They split up each day.  Some doing construction and others doing medical clinics.

The construction team worked on Silveria’s house in Chiquel moving dirt and mixing concrete.  The Medical portion of the group worked the first two days in clinics and then joined the construction crew later in the week.

On the way to the medical clinic one day the Porch van was approached by some locals who flagged us down.  Little did we know what God had in store that day.  We ended up seeing a mentally disturbed man whose family had chained him up for the past 6 years because they didn’t know how to handle him.  For me I immediately thought of the scriptures where Jesus cast a demon out of a man whose family had him in chains.  The team cut his hair, washed his body, prayed for him and gave him some medicine.  We didn’t physically see any demons come out of the man.  I personally believe the care he received and is receiving will set him free from his current bondage.  It was an unbelievable experience and situation.

We really had a great week with this group from Kansas!  Amber and I lived in Kansas for 4 years so this group always brings back some great memories for us.


The next week found us working with Florida State’s Audiology program.  They brought down a group of students who helped us give hearing tests and they also brought $64,000 worth of hearing aids valued at $1600 for each one down with them.  These hearing aids gave people the gift of hearing!  One little girl pictured below was able to hear for the first time in her life!  Wow, what a gift!

Northstar came down the next week to help us with construction on Moises and Melchora’s house and do Medical clinics.

The Northstar group also helped us dedicate the Library Porch de Salomon has been working on this past year in Xecotoq.  The community children put on a great presentation of dancing and a play, The 3 little pigs, for us.  Afterwards we shared in a meal of Polick(Guatemalan stew) served for special occasions.

My band has been busy playing every week on Tuesdays at the Porch as well has playing for the porch worship gathering on Sundays.  We also got to play recently at a local Mardi Gras party/school fundraiser. You can check out the video below of an original song I wrote called, “Resurrect Me”.


2 thoughts on “Teeming with teams!

  1. Hardly ever a dull day in Guatemala when teams are in town! We have close to 15 from Olive Branch right now that are pretty serious about our trip in July. Should be a good time! We’re praying for you guys and the kids!

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