Ezra’s 4th birthday

Tomorrow January 20th Ezra turns 4 years old!  We celebrated his birthday on saturday with a party at our house.

The night before Ezra and Abra had fun filling up Ezra’s spiderman piñata!  A piñata is almost a must have at a birthday party in Guatemala.  Ezra’s party was spiderman themed.

We are really thankful for the great friends God has placed in our lives here in Panajachel.  I was reminded of how God has answered our prayers for good friends for us and our kids this year at Ezra’s party.  Amber prepared a great spread of snacks and goodies for the crowd.

Guatemala Joe and Laura came over as well.  Joe wore his clown outfit and entertained the guests and brought some stilts for everyone to play on.  Joe really made it a special day for Ezra.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the McMullen family (featured in some photos above) over this past month.  They are a new family in town with 4 kids around the same age as our kids!  They have lived in Panajachel for about 6 months.  John’s brother Mitch also is living down here now.  They are a really cool family!

Not sure how we will ever top this birthday for Ezra.  It was a fun day.




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