Pouring ourselves out for service

This week we have 2 teams serving with us at Porch de Salomon. One group is from Georgia(Christ the Shepard Lutheran) and the other from Colorado (Union Congregational Church). They have been doing medical clinics and construction this week.  The construction team who I worked with did a lot of pouring concrete.

solomons porch

playing at worship gatheringWe had a packed house at the 2 worship gatherings we had this weekend at Solomon’s porch.  It is always fun getting to play music with Mario, Cush, and John.  John even busted out the harmonica on one of the songs which I enjoyed.Salem first time in high chair

Salem sat for the first time in his high chair this weekend.  He was a little wobbly but will be a pro soon.  He also is getting really close to crawling.  We are about to get busier in the Deeds house with this little guy getting bigger.Salem funny expressionAbra crazy face

Raising our kids to love God and life is our greatest call. Thank you God for the opportunity of a lifetime.  It’s good to remind yourself of the great gift children are from God. (Psalm 127:3)

Community Center

This week I was in charge of leading the construction team.  We started out working at the community center we are building in Chauxic.  It will house a computer lab, meeting room, a place for doctors to examine patients, and a small library.  Our job this week was pouring the floors

.Jim floating concreteDaniel smilingpassing the bucketAl and Kate

We worked hard mixing concrete, passing buckets, and pouring the floor.  We had an audience both days as we worked.

.kids in windowkids eating sandwiches

And when we ate lunch we also had some friends to share with.

Tom giving pineapple

Every morning before we go out to work we share in a time of song, prayer, scripture, and thoughts about God.  It’s a good way to focus and give the day back to God.  This week I helped lead some songs with Ryan and Rachel Flemming and Lloyd on the drums.

playing morning devosmorning devotions

The last 2 days of work we spent in Chuestancia working on Micaela’s house.  She is a single mom with 2 kids.  Her husband left her awhile ago for another woman leaving Micaela to take care of the kids.

group at Micaela's housegroup concrete mix

It was an honor to be able to mix concrete and pour floors for such a beautiful family.

ryan, rachel, and fernandoTom with FernandoRachel with kidsmixing concrete

On the last work day Micaela prepared a huge meal for both teams to say thank you for helping her family.  This is always a holy moment for me when someone with so little materially gives in such a sacrificial way.

preparing food for usmealpassing the plateeatingeating on job site

Our friends Bill and Joni came for the last day at Micaela’s house and worked on the family and the construction workers.  Bill is a Chiropractor and it is fascinating to me to watch him work on people.  Chiro literally means to with the hands.  It’s neat to see Bill bring relief and healing with his hands.

work with the handsBill working in Micaela

Want to join us in serving the people of Guatemala?  We can’t do it without people like you!

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