Pregnant with joy and expectation

We are one month away from meeting our new little boy!  We are so excited to meet him!  He also seems excited.  This little guy moves more than both of our other two combined. (yikes:))   Some people have been requesting to see Amber’s baby bump so here she is 8 months pregnant.Amber's baby bumpI am continually impressed by Amber and how strong and brave she is.  She works really hard to teach our children and do the house hold duties while I get to do the glamorous  photo ops with the teams.  The kids have been doing home school every morning with Amber.  Yesterday they made their own sidewalk chalk.  Ezra excitedEzra is pretty stoked to try his out as well as AbraAbra excitedsidewalk chalkAbra and sidewalk chalk

I’ve been working with teams last week and this week.  Last week we had two groups down for a total of 39 people!  I took a group each day to Carlos and Zoila’s house in with group

We did a lot of digging and then in the afternoons we went and did Bible Schools.  cutting steelCodyDon May diggingEmily StevensSallydigging up a stumpIt has been pretty hot the last couple of weeks.  I think we are in the hottest part of the year here right now.  Which can wear you out quick.sleepingI love this picture of Zoila’s little girl helping pass dirt.  passing dirtI did a lot of translating this week from English to Spanish for the Bible Schools which I am not used to.  It was good practice for me.  Linda and Jeydi were a big help during the week at Bible School.  They are so sweet!
sweet girlsmy buddyparachuteparachute 2parachute 1The parachute is always a big hit at the Bible Schools.  I stuck the camera underneath the parachute to catch some of the excitement.jumpingpainting nailscross crafts

Each day on the way to and from work we had an amazing view of the lake.  We drove around the rim of the lake to get to Chipop.  groupbeautifulbeautiful view me

I’m not sure what can be more beautiful until I see the smile on Zoila’s face as we work and serve her family.  She’s not pregnant with a baby (as far as I know) 🙂  But I know they are pregnant with Joy and expectation of what God is doing for their family.  God is doing a beautiful thing.




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