Many hands make light the work

What an exciting week we had this week.  We had so many hands and feet serving and loving on the people of Guatemala.  It was really a cool week.  We did construction, medical, and dental clinics and also got to serve and have fun with some really close friends. The Porch was busting at the seams this week with life. We had to expand to 2 services at our worship gatherings.full house We had a group from Northstar Church with us from Panama City Florida.  Which included our long time friends Brian and Lauren Gibson.  Amber and Lauren were roommates at Asbury College for 4 years.  It was so great to catch up and serve with them this week.  And we absolutely loved everyone in the Northstar group!  group in front of casablanca

We also had the Burke family with us from Rockwall, Texas!  They were here last year and we loved getting to hang out with them again this year.  They have great hearts for God and are so loving and generous.  Andrea, Casey, and Anabelle were down last year and this year they brought their son Spencer and two friends Taylor and Sarah.
burke family 2

We also had a Dental team come down with Trinity UMC.  They provided some much needed dental care to the people here.

dentistSome of you know I’ve been running quite a bit lately.  It’s been good for me to get out and clear my mind and become more healthy at the same time.  This week I got to run with some of the folks who came down and it was really fun.running friends

Simon, Alan, and Robin went out with me a couple mornings this week.  It was really fun to share with them the beautiful views of the lake on the way to Santa Catarina.  They did great!  Running at 5,240 feet above sea level and going straight up hill is not for the faint of heart.DSCF2657Amber received a huge blessing this week when some of her friends threw her a baby shower.  Typically you don’t get a shower on your third child but since we weren’t able to bring a lot of baby stuff down with us it was a awesome to get some of the things we needed.DSCF2662Mel and Carrie are Amber’s friends who organized the shower for her.  They are originally from the United States but are also currently living in Panajachel.  Mel and Carrie are probably the nicest people you could ever meet.  We enjoy hanging out with them and their husbands whenever we can.  DSCF2659Here are some of the women who attended the shower.  Amber had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made it special for her.  Baby Deeds is on his way soon.DSCF2664

One reason they had the shower this week is so Lauren (Roommate from college) and Laura(Fort Wayne friend) could attend. DSCF2663Elena is such a special part of our lives and she attended as well.pillaLike I said there was a lot going on this week and hands and feet served in so many different ways.  One way was lifting a 400lb. sink (pilla in Spanish) up a mountain path.  Many hands make light the work.  Here are some pictures to show you how that happened  this week.IMG_3789

Laura lifting block.  It’s been so fun having her here.  AshleyAshley came down with her dad Alan(not sure how he spells it). Ashley helped carry the toilet up the hill.SamSam A (There were 2 Sams) as he was called on the trip worked hard all week and was a true servant.
Simon and Corey

Corie and Simon worked the pharmacy all week. Who knew dealing drugs could be so much fun?dentist 2

I could barely watch as the dentists pulled teeth and worked on people’s mouths but the Guatemalans barely even flinched or made a peep.  They are some tough people.Lauren at triageLauren is so good with talking and interviewing the patients as they come for help at the clinics.  She has a real gift for communicating with people.Mike giving a shotbrave girlandreaI love this pic of Andrea smiling.  She is so nice!Taylor with babySarah holds one of the twin babies up in Concepsion.Taylor Brown There were two Taylor’s down here this week as well.  Taylor Brown is the Financial guy for Northstar church.  He is also a talented musician that you can tell loves people and Jesus

taking notesAnna and Johannah check patients in at the medical clinicsRobin working patientsRobin a is a physicians assistant and saw a steady stream of patients all week.

Brian doing his thingBrian is Lauren’s husband and I had such a great time hanging out with him all week.  What a great friend and doctor!  We hope to visit them sometime when we go back to the States.Alan talking to kids

Alan was really good at Spanish and drew a crowd at the construction site talking to the kids.John taking out teethAt least one of the dentists graduated from Florida.  Carlos can’t decide who to root for these days.  Florida State or the gators:)  Heydi or Porch secretary is in the background being as sweet as ever.

Noe and community leaderOur Humanitarian aid director Noe hanging with the Community leader in Chauxic.singing with groupTuesdays I have been playing music at the porch.  This week the some of the folks from Northstar performed a cover of the Lumineers with me.  backpack

All and all it was a good week but this moment was not one of them:)  Somehow my backpack ended up in the concrete and then when I sat my sandwich down to clean it off a chicken stole it.  AccordianTried out my accordion skills in San Antonio.  group shot in Concepsion

Thanks God for another beautiful week of serving your people.


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