We are on the Move!

Ok my posts have slowed down a bit the past few weeks but I promise I still love you all.  Our schedule has become significantly more busy and I have had a little trouble keeping you posted on all of it. Along with non stop teams, leading the worship gatherings, and normal everyday life we moved houses and had no internet.  To make a long story short our landlord told us he was selling the house we were living in so we had to move. old house Some of you probably remember what our old house looked like.  It had a few minor problems but we were very thankful for it and compared to most people here we live like kings.  This is a thought I have everyday.  Should we be living in such a nice house when the people around us live with way, way less.  We also think “Are we being faithful with the money our friends so faithfully give?” Then I think I like my hot shower:) and all my other comforts. So please pray for us to be faithful with what God has given.  Here is our new place.  new house  The same day our landlord told us he was selling the house we were currently in the landlord of our new house stopped by and asked if we would like to rent this house for the same price we were paying already.  And guess what the shower in this house works beautifully!  Mike helping paint

It needed a new paint job so this week some of our friends helped us paint.  This is Mike who is volunteering this month with the porch.  He is a really cool guy and I got to hear his testimony yesterday which is pretty powerful. In short he went from atheist college kid to now getting ready to attend seminary to be a pastor.helping paint

Isn’t it such a lovely green?  It looks tons better now.  A big thanks to Melanie Monroe for getting a group together to help us paint!funny couple

Along with moving we having been working with some really fun groups that have come down from Kansas, Florida, California, and this week a team of 35 from Canada.PeterPeter the word smith man taught me a lot about serving and loving.  He has such a great spirit and I loved meeting he and his wife.  I hope to see them again sometime.root

This root doesn’t look like much but it took quite a few of us to get it out of the ground.

handing buckets

Passing buckets always puts a smile on my face:) and we’ve done a lot of that the past couple of weeks.  We’ve been building a house for Maria and her family.gina group shotdream

Maria,sitting on the tree, said God showed her in a dream that people would one day walk down the path to her house with materials for building them a new one!  Wow, how awesome to be a part of fulfilling someone’s God given dream.  Speaking of dreams, a recent volunteer Doug Lees had a dream and in it he said he was told to give me this message.  He passed it to me at one of our team devotions in the morning.  dreamA deep breathe of fresh air for me!  Thank you God for the message and Doug for delivering it!  It makes shoveling concrete worth it when you know God is in it.

concrete work

carrying bucketsRigobertopainting finger nailsKiley with shovelFreddie

Some of the cool people I get to work with!  Freddie is from Germany.  On the job site this day we spoke German, Spanish, English, and Cakchiquel.  gina preparing lunch

Gina and her crew from California were down last week!  They were a lot of fun.  We love having Gina around.  She’s everybody’s mom on the job site passing out snacks, sunblock and making our lunch!  Thanks Gina for a great week.carrying blocks Tom

I became good friends with Tom.  We had some good talks and a little adventure with he and his daughter to a coffee plantation.date night

Team Gina also let Amber and I dine with them one night at Irene’s house which is a special treat (trust me).  So much fun getting to spend time with Amber and the team.playing at Solomon'sRecently I have been playing at Solomon’s Porch every Tuesday night.  It’s been really fun getting to play some cover songs and a few originals thrown in.  I hope to continue playing every tuesday.good smiling

Abra and I went to a Guatemalan wedding last week as well.  Our friend Salvador invited us to come and it was really neat to see and be a part of their special day.dancingAnother special event was a ground breaking for a new community center in Chauxic.  The porch is building a center for the community with space for medical clinics, a computer lab, classrooms, and a playground.  The whole community turned out for the special occasion.  Check out the video.


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