Grandma Mary and Uncle David Visit

There are moments in life which you could never predict or imagine happening.  As I stood on the rooftop terrace of Hotel California drinking a glass of wine with my mom and talking about life overlooking Panajachel Guatemala, I had one of those moments.  The whole week was pretty surreal for me and we had a great time with my Mom and my Uncle David visiting.  mom at the lake

Getting to show my mom Guatemala with all its beautiful people, scenery and the ministry we love made it one of the most special moments of my life.

mom on boatWe took a trip across the lake one day to take the kids swimming and enjoy a fun day at Ven Aca (a hotel/restaurant) on the lake.Uncle David telling stories

My Uncle David lived in Guatemala for 12 years from 1978 to 1990.  So we got to share stories with him of Guatemala.  It has been so cool getting to experience the same country he lived in and I heard stories about growing up.  He wrote a book about his adventures and you can buy it on Amazon if you want.  It’s called “Gringo on a Chicken Bus”.  I read it this year while riding on chicken buses. If you’re interested you can click on the photo of his book and purchase it on amazon.9780595633470_p0_v1_s260x420Mom and kids at Ven Aca

It was a beautiful day on the lake and we had a great time relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.  My mom said Indiana was -20 degrees Fahrenheit when they left so she was loving the sun.  pirate costumeGrandma Mary also brought down some presents for the kids.  This pirate outfit was a gift from Grammy Julie.  Ezra slept in it several nights in a row.  Uncle David reading to Abra

Uncle David was a hit with the kids!  Abra enjoyed looking at National Geographic with him.  Ezra said Grandma Mary is really nice and so is Uncle David but he’s “Cwaaazy”:)

superbowlThe Super Bowl wasn’t much to talk about this year but we had fun watching it at the Porch Super Bowl party with our first team of the new year from Tallahassee, Florida.  team moza shot
Mom joined me on Monday as we went to work on our first house of the year in Concepsion. I loved being able to show my mom the beautiful families we get to with twin

This family recently had twins!  They are real cuties here is mom with one of them.  And also a photo of team leader Scott Shalley holding one like a football.Scott Shalley with twinjobsite me and mom on jobsite Mike shoveling

We got to work digging footers and hauling concrete blocks.  passing concrete blocksTex with rock

“Tex” as his teammates called him found a nice souvenir to take home with him while digging the footers.  But his teammates insisted it would probably make his suitcase over weight.  So they dug a hole under it and buried it deeper to get it out of the at waterfall Mom walking across bridge

We also took mom to the nature reserve and some other sites around town.  I have to say I was so impressed with how brave my mom was on this trip.  She even rode on a chicken bus! We were so sad to say goodbye to Mom and Uncle David.  On the way to Guatemala City we got to sit in traffic for 3+ hours because of protests that were blocking the roads.  traffic jamWhat a fun time!  Thanks God for allowing my family to come down and experience Guatemala with me!


One thought on “Grandma Mary and Uncle David Visit

  1. Thanks, Will, for such an intimate story. It makes me want to book a flight right this second and join you. I so enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures, even being a tiny bit envious! Looking forward to meeting you this summer. I missed you last summer on my trip there. Nancy

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