The weary world rejoices

So missionary life is not always glamorous.  This week has been a bit difficult.  It started with our showers not working in our house and having an argument with our landlord.  Then add to that missing family and friends at Christmas, and Abra coming down with the chicken pocks, and we had a hard time.  But there are also many blessings that helped us overcome discouragement.   Here are some of them that helped us.

We got to bless many families at Christmas with Christmas bags full of needed items for their families.  Noe (Humanitarian relief director for The Porch) invited the families to our offices and we gave them tamales, a presentation on health and birth control and their Christmas bags.

Noe the santa clauslady eating tamaleTamales are a traditional Christmas cuisine in Guatemala.  I’m not that big of a fan.  They are a little mushy for my taste, but these boys sure liked them.little kids with tamaleschristmas gift recipientman happy with giftNoe and lady smilingtag for familyA recent team from Monticello UMC in Florida helped us put together bags specific to each family.  birth control

Yep that is what you think it is.  We had some health professionals come in and give a presentation on cleanliness and birth control.  Some families have children in the double digits here in Guatemala and just haven’t been educated that you don’t have to keep having kids.  We have heard some families have up to 20 children!  So we aren’t telling them to stop having kids but we want them to be educated on the gift recievers

It was a good day and everyone went away feeling blessed.

MidwifeWe found a midwife to help with the birth of our third child!  She is originally from Argentina and studied midwifery in France.  She speaks 6 different languages including English!  Speaking of Baby Deeds #3, it’s a going to be a boy!  We are very excited!

We also celebrated the birthday of a special lady in our lives.  Elena who we hire to help Amber with house work and who has become a close friend just had a birthday!  We had their family over for supper, ice cream cake, and a movie night watching Polar express.Elena with cakebirthday meal for ElenaJuana with Ezrawatching movie

We also went to a Christmas program for little Melanie’s school! (Elena’s daughter).  She recently started school thanks to some generous folks back in the States donating.  We also went to see Noe’s son and Zoe one of Abra’s friends in the Grinch Who stole Christmas.Melanie's class

Despite some small problems we still had a Merry Christmas.  We had fun celebrating together and we got some packages from the States the next day which helped us receive some extra Christmas with stockingspackages for kids

A big thanks to the Martin’s, Grandma and Grandpa Buzz and Mary,  and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Burns for the packages.  We loved getting your packages!  All and all we have a lot  to celebrate this Christmas.  It was our first Guatemalan style Christmas.sunset boatfunny parade floatIMG_4821And we are reminded that God is our strength and comfort.  Jesus came to the world so that all of us who are weary might rejoice!  Thank you for all your support as we serve in Guatemala.  Your prayers and financial support help us keep going.  Please consider giving to us as this year comes to a close.  All donations are tax deductible. Here is a link to donate.

Donate to the Deeds

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And while you are there you can check out the Porch’s new website which I designed.  I’m still improving it but it’s coming along well.  Also here is recent story of two brothers we recently built a house for.


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