A lot to be thankful for

So this post is going to be a bit of a shot gun approach.  Usually I try to stick to some sort of a theme or weekly activity but so much has been going on I haven’t posted for a couple weeks and we have experienced a lot of cool things.  So here we go.CTS team with palms on head

We enjoyed having Christ the Shepherd Lutheren team with us.  They helped us finish up Isabella’s house in Jucanya.  Little Rachelle brought us all leaves to wear for this photo.Little girl carrying a block

So cute to work alongside such sweet children who are willing to help with anything. Even carrying concrete blocks.  Pretty sure this block weighs as much as she does.

Dennis and Elena and kidsThis is Denis and Elena they are our families close friends.  We pay Elena to come and help Amber clean so Amber can home school Abra.  We are really excited that Porch de Salomon is going to be building them a new home!  They are standing at a possible site for their new home.  Little Melanie started school this week!  We are still in need of someone to give $50 a month for her to go to school.

House Dedication photoWe dedicated a new home for Cristina and Rosa this past week with Monticello First United Methodist church.  little girl on bed

Rosa was pretty excited to have a new house, bed, and clothes.Prepared a meal

Cristina made a large meal for everyone there.  This was a huge sacrifice on her part.the food

Some of her family helped with the cooking and serving.Cindy eating

This is Cindy our Porch Secretary enjoying the meal prepared by Cristina.Daniel and Caroline

Daniel and Caroline hanging out at the house dedication.Big smile

We also stopped at a nursing home in a village nearby to share a little love.  This man was all smiles!Melanie with turkeyWe ate good this week for sure because it was Thanksgiving!  Melanie (Co Porch founder) spent all week cooking for the team and lots of other folks from the community.  It was great to be able to celebrate an American Thanksgiving.  thanksgiving peeps

This is the crowd that attended.  So many cool people.  Amber and I both agreed it was the most unique Thanksgiving we have celebrated so far.

Amber putting on lightsOn Friday we put up our little Charlie brown Christmas tree.  Amber and baby Deeds put up the lights.  It’s not the best tree, but for $10 from the Dispensa (local grocery store) it will have to do.Abra putting ornaments on

Abra was so excited to get the christmas stuff out.  We brought a few of our special ornaments back with us.Will and Ezra puttin ornaments

Ezra got into it this year too.  His favorite was a guitar ornament which he has been sleeping with every night.Family in front of Christmas treeI have to admit I get very nostalgic during the holidays.  I found myself shedding a few tears because it won’t be the traditional Christmas I’m used to.  But it will make it easier to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.guy with shadesThe real tradition of Christmas is humbling ourselves and giving up our rights so that others might find joy, hope, and love through Jesus.  I had to take a photo of this guy sitting on the street with his shades.atitlan viewOh and even though we don’t have snow we do have this view to walk to and look at.


4 thoughts on “A lot to be thankful for

  1. Will…. if you have not received a commitment for little Melanie, the Hatcher family will commit the $50. Per month,for the next year. It was great meeting you and your precious family!
    Ann Hatcher

    1. Ann thank you so much! We haven’t gotten anyone yet. She started school this week and is so excited! What a blessing this will be for her life and family. You can give through the porch website and let us know when you do so we can make sure it goes to that.

  2. We loved seeing you guys and the sweet little Christmas tree! Kate and Zeke were excited to see the kids in photos and Kate loves the “snow” on your web site 🙂 Love and prayers! We miss you!
    – Liz, Kate and Zeke

    1. Liz,

      So good to hear from you all. We just received your wonderful letter in the mail a few days ago. Amber started crying when she saw the pics of the kids. Miss you all

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