Hands for God

This week we were so excited to have Olive Branch Church of God come and serve with us!  This is the church Amber grew up in.  10 people from her church came to visit including Amber’s Mom and Dad!  It’s so exciting to finally share our world with people from back home.  group at casa del mundo

me with Jeff and JulieWhat an encouragement it was for us to serve alongside them this week.  They helped on several housing projects we have going on right now and also did 3 Bible schools in the rural villages of Chauxic, Concepsion, and Chacatuq(can’t remember spelling).

hands raisedlots of faces

We had a great turn out all 3 days for the Bible schools.  The first day in Chauxic we had almost 200 kids!  One of the cool art projects they had the kids do was a t-shirt. They were a big hit and it was really cool to see the kids getting their hands painted.  There was something special happening in the smearing on of paint.Julie and Ezra painting handsDonna painting handsEzra with painted handsgirl with purple handsWith out many words being spoken the love of God was being shared from one set of hands to another.  It was a simple craft to some I suppose but to me I saw it as God marking each child for him.  I could almost hear him say, “these hands are mine”.holding shirtboys with orange shirtsKatie painting nailsThe team worked really hard caring concrete blocks, sand, and rock all week long at 3 different job sites.  big hill carrying block upcrystal carrying blockJulie carrying blocklittle girl helping carry

Even the little ones were helping in Concepsion.  What a sweetie carrying that heavy block.  I am constantly amazed at how hard working the people of Guatemala are.  Of course we had to get some concrete mixing in as well. Here are the two Jeff’s on the trip mixing away.jeff mixing concrete Jeff B mixing

Amber playing frisbee

Amber and the kids went with us to Bible School and got to have some fun as well.

Amber and the kids at bible schoolme blowing up balloonboys jumping rope with Jeff and beckyeveryone with hands up


One thought on “Hands for God

  1. That is awesome Will! I love that Ambers parents were able to come and help out. The children are being used as the hands and feet of God. Keep doing the work of God. Tell Amberand the kids hi for me.

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