Medical clinics

This week we have a team here with us from Memorial UMC in Florida.  They came down to put on medical clinics for some of the rural indigenous villages in the area and also did one in Panajachel.  They worked super hard and we saw close to 400 people.  They also helped with constructing houses.

Here is a photo of some of the people waiting in line to for the doctor.some paitents

Many people in Guatemala have poor health from lack of nutrition and the harsh conditions they are exposed to every day working in the fields.  Guatemalans are hard workers and hard on their bodies as well.  For many this may be the first time they have seen a doctor and most of them can’t afford medication if they do see one.  It is a real blessing to be able to provide both for them at these clinics.Carroll gradWhat we can do for these people in one doctor’s visit is very limited but for me it’s more than just the medical care we provide for them.  I think the most important thing about these clinics is the opportunity to give each person special attention.  To ask them who they are, to hear their stories, to see what is wrong, to give them a touch, and to let them know they are not alone.caring handHarry loving on kids

Harry was on the trip and although he didn’t have any medical expertise he gave away a whole bunch of joy and hope to the kids and people at the clinics. me dealing drugs

I found myself in the pharmacy most of the week dealing drugs:).  To be honest it was more exhausting than any day I have spent doing construction.  me with kids

And I found some time to take pictures and play with the kids as well.  Below is Doctor Twiggs. He and his assistant Kelly worked together well. Kelly is amazing at Spanish.  She used to be a missionary in Honduras.Doctor Twiggs

This is Don’s wife Linda Twiggs she is a nurse and worked with me in the Pharmacy all week.  Her and Don were the team leaders.  Linda Twiggs

little boyThere were so many beautiful children at the clinics.  This was one of my favorite photos from the week.cute kids with stickerslittle wink

This little guy gave me a wink as I took his picture.

Carlos with kidsCarlos works with the porch.  He had fun playing with the kiddos as well.

family waitingbeautiful ladyWhat beautiful people God has created.  I love being able to interact with them and find out who they are.  I got a chance to practice my spanish with the lady in the above picture.doing the laundryThis young girl was doing laundry for her family just beside where we were doing the medical clinic.  She was such a hard worker for being so young.laundrylots of papers

Sarah’s face telling you how many people we saw that day.  If you can’t tell it was a lot:)


4 thoughts on “Medical clinics

  1. That is awesome Will! I love the video. The kids just break your heart. They look so innocent and just want to be loved! You are doing amazing things and can’t wait for what the future holds.

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