Beds and beggars

It’s sometimes hard to convey all that is happening in our lives down here.  Ultimately you need to come down and see for yourselves (hint, hint).  Until then pictures and stories will have to do.  It would be easy for me to paint a picture for you of how awesome we are but the truth is we are reminded of how much we need God everyday down here.

Ramos 20130406-111406.jpgThis is Ramos and Maria.  I pass by them while they beg on the streets everyday. Each day I come by, they stretch out their hands to me asking for help.  To be honest somedays I walk past ignoring their outstretched hand.  It’s a constant dilemma we face as we walk the streets of Panajachel.  Who do you help and how do you help?  The need is on every street corner and since we walk most places I can’t just get in my car and avoid it.street from above

Here is a view of the street from our Ministries Headquarters Solomon’s Porch and Hotel California.street from above 2

I really love be able to walk the streets and have human interaction instead of just driving my car somewhere. It honestly feels like the scriptures come to life because I encounter people as I walk on the street like Jesus did.  The challenge I face is being Jesus to these people.  To be honest I see Jesus in them more than I see him in me.street shot

Last week on Easter Sunday Lloyd shared a verse during his message that I have been thinking about all week.

 “Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you.”

Jesus was talking to religious people who would have viewed this as a great insult at the time.  And when it  was read on Sunday I asked myself the question, “Are these people entering the kingdom of heaven before me?”  Then after a bit more reflection another question came to me, “Shouldn’t I want these people to enter the kingdom before me?”  If I truly have the heart of Jesus I will have the desire to usher these people into the kingdom before me.  I love the irony of this verse.    It is my thought that the religious people shouldn’t have been offended by Jesus saying this.  Because if we have the heart of Jesus we will be a servant first offering the so called “least of these” a place in the kingdom before we take our seat.

happy kids on bedThis is why I love working for Porch de Salomon.  On a daily basis I get a chance to serve people.  I get the chance to build beds for these children who have never had a buying beds

When we found a house to rent down here we were able to purchase beds for our house to sleep on.  This is a luxury most families don’t have down here.  Here is the truck loaded down with our beds.

lady on bedThis is Luisa she is 94 years old and she is getting to sleep on a bed for the first time!  It is moments like this that make you realize you are rich and that you can not ignore the needs of others and continue to follow Jesus.  I am thankful to be serving with Porch de Salomon and ushering the “least of these” into the kingdom of God.  And also getting to see and touch Jesus in the people I with kids on bed joe helping build beds sweet faces

We are just putting the finishing touches on our first house of the year!  One of the moments which made our decision to come down here was getting to build a bed for a family.  How cool to be doing it again this week for the Santos Saput family.

I recently read this quote on Twitter by Ghandi

“Ask the poor. They will tell you who the Christians are”

Do the poor know us?  And if they do, what would they say about us?  Are they entering the kingdom before us and if so are we mad about it or are we ushering them in first?”sunset on lake


7 thoughts on “Beds and beggars

  1. Well done Deeds ! Everyday we need to consider what ways we are spending the gift of our time. What purposes does it fill and how much or how little we are furthering God’s kingdom. Blessings on the work you are doing, miss you guys. Jack P. – HUMC

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your blog. It’s so very cool Will, tell Amber hey and keep doing God’s work! You are an inspiration!

    1. Lynn! You and Rob have always been an inspiration to us! We miss you both and Mack for sure! How is your family? Thanks for keeping up with what we are doing down here. Maybe you can come visit?:)

  3. That is awesome Will! You are doing an awesome thing for those families. Just like what I learned in bible study, we are to always put others before us eventhough we don’t think its right. We are not to be selflish. If we put others before us, then we will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

  4. Will, I love the pictures, and I love the challenge you posed. I can relate to the joy of walking everywhere and/or using public, and I totally understand the difficulty of knowing when, who, and how to help the people we meet. I pray the Holy Spirit speaks to you as you travel. Love you!

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