A trip to the market

Living in Guatemala has brought many changes to our lives.  Even the most mundane of activities becomes an adventure because we aren’t used to doing it this way.  In Indiana we just went to our local grocery store and got all that we needed.  In Guatemala its a bit different:).  We thought you might enjoy taking a little trip to the market with us here.Amber carrying Ezra

Amber usually carries Ezra like this and Abra walks alongside.  We only have about a 5 min walk to our local market.Tuc Tuc

The streets are always busy with Chicken buses, cars, motorcycles, and of course our mode of transportation if we need to get somewhere quick or we are tired the Tuc Tuc!  It costs about 60 cents to get anywhere in Panajachel.  ladies exchanging Fruits at market

The market is the place to go not only to get groceries but also a place to overload all your senses.  There are so many things to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.  There are always lots of people selling things from shoes to fresh fish.shoes

fishWe haven’t bought any fresh fish or meat at the market.  We aren’t brave enough to try any of it.Meat hanging

But we do buy lots of vegetables from the market.  There are veggies of all kinds and they are cheap.  Usually we come home with 2 bags full for about $10.veggieslady selling veggiesAmber buying veggies

Amber is getting good at wheeling and dealing in the market. She has several ladies in the market who she frequents.Abra and avacados

Abra loves to help mommy too!  She is learning some spanish and loves going to the market.  Her favorite thing to get is the flowers which are also very cheap.  You can buy a dozen roses for $3.00.  RosesFlowerstruck of mangos

My favorite is the Mangos!  Look at all those!  They are delicioso!  Mango season is just starting here.Clothes dried beansEzra at Market

Ezra gets down sometimes but he likes to run off and is still a bit clumsy when walking.  He likes to sing most of the time he is on his mommy’s back.
colorful chicksThis week is Semana Santa or Holy week so some different items are showing up at the market.  One is these very colorful chicks. Not sure what breed these are 🙂 but I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t make PETA happy in the states.blue chick Pink chick

Abra and Ezra wanted us to bring one home but we aren’t ready to be raising chickens quite yet.Cathedral

Here is a picture of the Catholic Cathedral not too far down the street from the market.Amber and Abra holding hands

Thanks for coming on a walk with us.  Maybe some of you will come down and get to experience it in real life soon.  One thing we love about buying food at a local market is that our money goes straight to help a local family.  We like that us buying groceries helps support families in our area.  Thanks for supporting us so that we can buy food and support the local economy down here.

We are still looking for people to support what we are doing down here in Guatemala.  You can make a donation to help support our family or the work of Porch de Salomon at this link.



3 thoughts on “A trip to the market

  1. Kate and I loved reading this and enjoying all the colorful photos! Thanks for sharing a part of your day with us! Love and prayers!

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