Photos of our first 2 weeks

We’ve been here a little over 2 weeks and so much has happened since then.  Last week we had a great team from Tallahassee, Florida here.  We are still staying with our gracious hosts Lloyd and Melanie Monroe but we are hoping to be in our own place by the end of the week!  I thought I would just share lots of photos from our 2 weeks here so you can experience some of what we have gotten to experience.

SANY0292 SANY0290Most people don’t have washers or dryers here.  If you’re a gringo you might have a washer.  And if you do you dry your clothes in the fresh air.  This is on Lloyd and Melanie’s roof.

SANY0315Melanie and Lloyd are the Directors of our organization and we have invaded their home.  They have been so good to us and our kids while we have been waiting to find our own place.  They are a special couple and as you can see have kind of become surrogate grand parents to our kids, whether they like it or not.

SANY0298Abra wanted to help fill in a hole in the yard that used to be home to an avocado tree that Melanie no longer wanted.


The past two weeks I have gotten to lead the music for the Porch worship gathering.  It has been fun getting to play and sing with Joe, Melanie, Lloyd, and Dave.  I love the mix of people at the Porch on a regular basis.

IMG_9361 IMG_9443 IMG_9438

Speaking of Joe.  Joe is another long term missionary volunteer with Porch de Salomon.  He and his wife Kristen have been down here serving for 2 years.  Joe is amazing with the kids.  They call him Payaso which is clown in Spanish.  He is one of the most energetic and loving people I’ve ever met.

IMG_9365 IMG_9367 IMG_9373Jason Roper was one of the members on the team this past week.  He also tried his hand at being a clown and made lots of balloons for the kids.IMG_9390 IMG_9392

This is Noe our Humanitarian aid director.  He has a big heart to serve and works really hard to meet all the needs that the porch serves.IMG_9397 IMG_9400 IMG_9408 IMG_9411 IMG_9420

We handed out coloring books to all the kids in the community which were a big hit.  Lots of smiling faces over a few crayons and a coloring book.

IMG_9381Nic is our assistant humanitarian aid director.  And he speaks the local indigenous language along with Spanish which comes in handy.

SANY0337 SANY0339 SANY0345Amber got the chance to visit with a special family of 12 and experience some of the local Mayan culture.  The Mayan people are super talented at making all sorts of crafts.  Juana wanted to get a picture by her stove in her home that Porch de Salomon built.  Hey look Amber is actually tall here:)!  Hope you enjoyed getting a taste of some of our life down here so far.


5 thoughts on “Photos of our first 2 weeks

  1. That is awesome Will! You guys couldn’t be doing anything better to bring the kingdom of God to earth. I really like the clothes they are very colorful and vibrant. Keep the glory of God shining!

  2. Will,
    Thanks for the pics and the update to the happening down there. I am sooooo looking forward to making a trip down there. It was so funny last Sunday. Chad was delivering the message and Jessica added a few things and Chad seemed to get off the track of the message. I asked him if that bothered him he said Oh No. We all miss you much.

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