Our first Sunday

Today was our first Sunday in Panajachel, Guatemala.  Usually in Indiana Sunday’s involved getting up in the morning and going to church.  At 7:00 a.m. this morning we were woken up by music coming from a local church down the street.  They like to crank up the volume down here.  So even if your not in the building you get to here what’s going on:) The Porch has a worship gathering on Sundays but because we want to offer something different in the area it doesn’t start until 4:00 in the afternoon. So we spent the morning doing other things.

abra peaking on balconyAbra likes Lloyd and Melanie’s balcony.  She was playing peekaboo with me.

amber and kids on wall

After an unsuccessful house hunting adventure the kids and Amber sat down for a bit.  Today we checked on a couple leads but couldn’t find the places people told us about.

Porch band playingAt 4:00 worship at Solomon’s Porch Cafe begins!  It’s a very laid back atmosphere and random mix of all types of people.  I think we are really going to enjoy being a part of this community.

porch guy talkingmore porch people talkingHere are some of the people who attend the porch gathering.  There was a time of worship, then Lloyd gave us a discussion question to talk about with someone in the room we didn’t know.  The question was “What is your opinion of Politics?”. These people are giving their answers to that question. Then Lloyd gave a message and we sang a closing song.

mayan women on street

A Couple Mayan women walk the streets of Panajachel.  Today was market day in Pana.  It was crazy busy.
Mayan cowboy hat

The men often wear cowboy hats.  This is on Santander Street Which is the main tourist street in Panajachel
street shot

This is looking down Calle Principal the street that Porch de Salomon is on.  It is a busy road with lots of traffic including tuk tuks which is the little red mobile pictured here.
chicken bus

Old School buses from the states are converted in to what are called Chicken buses.  They are used for public transportation both human and livestock apparently:)  Most buses are painted more colorful than this.  But this shows that they really are old school buses.
tuk tukdinosaur

Here is a closer shot of what a tuk tuk looks like.  You can see there is some interesting artwork that sits right outside the porch.  It’s a rather large sculpture made out of iron.


5 thoughts on “Our first Sunday

  1. I can’t wait to start hearing all the awesome stories and the awesome things God will be doing in your lives.

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