Our church family

Our church family surrounding us in prayer on Sunday. What an awesome blessing to have many hands laid on us.

This Sunday Sept 30, 2012 was my last day employed at Huntertown UMC.  What a wonderful 3.5 years it has been.  It was an emotional day for us and we will miss my role as a full time staffer there.  Even though our role with HUMC has changed we our thankful that our relationships are not defined by roles but by the spirit of God that unites us. As we begin to visit other communities of believers throughout Northern Indiana these next few months we are excited to expand our reach in the body of Christ.  We are committed to remaining connected to those we love and becoming an extension of their reach into other parts of the world.

We are now on our support raising journey before we depart for Guatemala in January.  We are looking for people willing to partner with us financially and prayerfully as we seek to bring God’s kingdom to earth. Please consider supporting us.  You can donate online here.


make sure to designate in drop down menu Will and Amber Deeds


The sign outside our outreach facility. The youth at HUMC did this for me. I love them so much.


3 thoughts on “Our church family

  1. Amber, I believe your e-mail has been hacked by someone who is trying to get your friends to give them money. I wrote them and said I thought it was hacked and they wrote back, so they are currently still able to to access your e-mail account. Some of the things they said in the e-mail do not line up with what I know about you, so I’m sure it isn’t you. There is nothing I can do from this end. I didn’t know how else to reach you. Praying all is well!

    1. Thanks for letting us know. We are currently trying to remedy the security problem with Ambers email. Sorry about that.

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